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Idelson Gnocchi was founded in 1908. Leonardo Bianchi (founder of the Italian Psychiatric School) and Pietro Castellino (Precursor of Endocrinology Research) have been authors since the beginning of our scientific publishing. The publishing portfolio was constantly expanded and, after 1910, medical texts became the most important sector.

Leonardo Bianchi

Idelson Gnocchi published some of the most important medica texts of XX century including: Giovanni Maria Rasario’ Series (Manuale di terapia clinica e ragionata – Manuale di Semeiotica m

Gian Maria Rasario

edica – Patologia medica -Elettrografia clinica e ragionata) that is still considered a standard work to this day. In addition, the acquisition of other publishers (Morelli, Nuova Editoriale Grasso, Sorbona) further expanded the portfolio. It is impossibile to thank all the Authors and Scientific Associations for participating in this our incredible history, but we know that with their help, we’ll continue to publish influential, lively and highly accessed academic publications.

Idelson Gnocchi would not exist without them…

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